ACT for Vision

Visual impairment can be a life-altering challenge, especially for those who lack access to proper healthcare.
ACT Foundation Sri Lanka is on a mission to change this narrative.
Through this initiative, the foundation has been providing cataract surgeries to disadvantaged individuals, restoring their vision and, with it, their hope for a brighter future. These surgeries not only transform individual lives but also have a ripple effect on their families and communities, allowing them to participate fully in daily life and contribute to society.
ACT foundation supplies lenses and surgical consumables to Kilinochi, Nawalapitiya and Dick Oya hospitals for conducting cataract surgeries for underprivileged people. The hospitals are performing surgeries on a regular basis with the support of ACT Foundation.
The objective is to perform cataract surgeries at government hospitals, utilising the hospital infrastructure and the health professionals by providing essential surgical supplies including lenses and other consumables. The surgeries happen in a regular manner, and we are aiming to extend our cataract surgeries to other needy hospitals within the country. On average we support approximately 50 cataract surgeries every month.
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