Access to clean water and toilet facilities is a basic necessity for everyone, however for some of the impoverished communities in Sri Lanka, it is a daily struggle.
ACT Foundation recognizes this need and has undertaken the noble task of building ground water wells and toilet blocks in underserved villages.
Ground Water Wells:
In response to the need for clean water, ACT foundation has built three ground water wells in the eastern town of Batticaloa district. The wells were constructed in villages of Pavatkodichenai, Katpaha Keni and Ammananthaveli Navatkulam where people walked several kilometres to collect water for their daily needs. The wells were constructed in public spaces and people continue to enjoy clean water for their daily needs.
These wells are more than just a source of water; they are symbols of hope, health, and empowerment. They ensure that communities have safe and reliable access to clean water, improving hygiene, and reducing the risk of waterborne diseases.
Toilet Facilities:
Access to toilet with a level of privacy is a fundamental, hygiene need for every human being on earth. However, there are villages where there are no toilets for the inhabitants in several parts of Sri Lanka.
In response to the villagers call, ACT foundation is building a block of two toilets ( men and women each) in the Ammananthaveli, Navatkulam area of the Vakarai region of Batticaloa district. Once completed these toilets will benefit approximately 60 human beings from 22 families including, elderly, women and children.
If you would like to become a part of our family of water wells or toilet builders, and if you are keen on making a difference in a community by providing access to basic sanitation, hygiene and dignity, please get in touch with us.


Partner with us to build water wells and toilets in impoverished communities.
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